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Dear Sir/Madam!

Hello! My name is Henrik Malmborg and I paint with my camera. I am an Swedish artist born in 1972.

I have wide open eyes, sensitive ears and a thirst for knowledge, experience and both personal and artistic development.

I mainly work with photography, but is always open for new techniques and have an eager to try them. I do some painting, to take the attributes and convert it to other medias. My works can often be interpreted, with either a slice of melancholy and mystique or meditation and warm feelings.

I have two paths that I follow. One where I have photo works with people and an whole new technique which I have never yet seen or heard anyone use. I call it Abstract Meditative Photography.
Through this I think I can contribute to the symposium and give a lot of inspiration to other artists. I also think this symposium can help me to develop this unique style.

I also enjoy writing poems or "free words" together with most pieces and it is mainly in English.

You are warmly welcome to contact about art information and exhibitions offers.


Very Best Regards,

Henrik Malmborg